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Lottery win of 6 million baht ruins Thai family


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After winning the top prize in the state lottery, the woman abandoned her husband and three children, running away with money and lover

A resident of the northeastern province of Royet has won the top prize of 6 million baht in the state lottery of Thailand. The lucky 49-year-old winner transferred the entire amount of his winnings, after paying a tax of 5’970’000 baht to his wife’s bank account.

The lottery win was supposed to be one of the happiest moments in the poor man’s life, but his 45-year-old wife ran off with her lover, taking all the winning money, reports Thairat.

The stolen and cheated husband filed a complaint with the police, where he said that he had lived with his wife for 26 years and they had three children together, everything was good between the spouses and there had never been any conflict.

After winning the lottery, the couple decided to donate 1 million baht to the temple and invited some friends and relatives to participate in the donation ceremony. The ceremony was attended by a stranger, whom the wife introduced as a distant relative, but it later turned out that the stranger was the very lover with whom she had run away.

The abandoned man’s son told police that he knew about his mother’s infidelity. He contacted her shortly after she ran away and learned that she had moved to Nongkhai, about 268 kilometers or a four-hour car ride from Royet. The son added that after the initial conversation, he could no longer contact her because his mother’s phone number had become unavailable.

Police regretfully told the man that they could not help him get back the money he won in the lottery because the bank account belonged to his spouse, and police could not revoke the money transfer. It looks as if the man gave the woman the money. In addition, it turned out that the couple was not officially married, as they had not signed a certificate of marriage.

The police only recommended that the abandoned family try to find a way to contact the mother and convince her to return the money. The outraged man turned to the Thai media to tell his story in hopes that his spouse would come to her senses and return the lottery winnings.

The story of the stolen and abandoned man went viral on Thai social media. The man and his children were invited for an interview on the Channel 3 news program Hon Krasae. The man’s wife was also invited to join the program over the phone. During the program, the woman stressed that she was not the official spouse, as they had not signed a marriage certificate. The woman also insisted that she would never pay her husband back, but would give some of the money to her children.

On the show, the deceived man announced that he would drop the lawsuit if the spouse agreed to return home. However, the woman did not return home, and none of the children received the promised money, so the man decided to sue, saying he felt betrayed.

After learning that the husband had not given up on the idea of prosecuting, the runaway spouse returned home. The family went to the police station together to negotiate money and a relationship in the presence of the police.

The woman said she had 3.1 million baht left in her bank account out of nearly 6 million baht. She added that she had already given 200,000 baht to her eldest son and would divide the remaining money into three parts: 1 million baht for her youngest daughter, 500,000 baht for her middle son and 1.6 million baht for her spouse.

But the woman made conditions: the youngest daughter would be able to use the money only when she turns 20, and the middle son would have access to the money when he turns 25. The woman added that the family home belonged to her, and her husband had to leave within three days. She insisted that the relationship between her and her husband was dead, and if he returned to the house without permission, she would file a complaint with the police.

The man said he was happy with the deal and would leave his children with their mother and move to Bangkok to work. He added that he would be happy to return in the future if his wife forgave him. In addition, the man transferred 100,000 baht back to his wife so she could take care of the house and children.

For her part, the wife said she had no lovers and came to Nongkhai alone. According to the woman, she was tired of her son and husband’s constant whining and complaining, and wanted to go away to get away. After the money is divided according to the agreement, the man will drop all charges against his wife.

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