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Maker of ‘Dahmer’ says he has approached relatives of victims


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Ryan Murphy, the creator of the Netflix hit series about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, says he has contacted relatives of the victims about the series. Earlier, the relatives announced that they were angry about the series because they had not been informed.

Murhpy tells The Hollywood Reporter that it took years to write the Jeffrey Dahmer story. “It took us about 3.5 years to write the series. In that time we approached about 20 relatives and friends of the victims,” ​​Murphy said, stressing that no one responded to the request. “So we had to rely on our fantastic team of researchers.”

Murphy wants to support the relatives by, for example, creating a memorial for the victims. “We’re talking about that now. And I’m willing to pay the costs.”

Previously, relatives of the victims of Dahmer already said they were not happy with the series. For example, relatives of Errol Lindsey, one of Dahmer’s victims, have announced on Twitter that they have not been informed of the Netflix plans. That while, according to cousin Eric, the series is traumatizing. “My family is angry about the series. It retraumatizes again and again, for what? How many films, series and documentaries do we need?”

Rita, Errol’s sister, has also responded. The series features a scene where her emotional speech in court is accurately re-enacted. “If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that was me. It felt like I was reliving everything again. It brought back all the emotions I felt then,” she says in Insider. “Netflix should have asked how we felt about it, but they didn’t ask me. They just did it.”

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