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Man (26) who blackmailed at least 21 girls with nude images gets three years in prison


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A man (26) from Piershil in South Holland has been sentenced to three years in prison for extorting at least 21 girls. The man threatened to send around edited nude images with coarse language if the girls did not send real nude photos.

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) had demanded a four-year prison sentence against 26-year-old Jacobus van der V. Eight months were suspended. The judge ultimately chose to impose four years in prison, one year of which was suspended.

Van der V. took photos of the girls between the ages of twelve and sixteen from Instagram and edited them so that they looked like nude photos. He then approached his victims via Snapchat under the pseudonym Lars van Dijk. By threatening to publish the fake nude pictures, he managed to obtain real nude images of his victims. He received no fewer than 30 nude photos and videos of a 15-year-old girl performing sexual acts.

While handling the case, Van der V. said that the extortion of the girls ‘excited’ him. “I did it to satisfy my own lusts.” Snapchat messages showed that Van der V. told his victims, among other things: “And don’t cry when you are designated as a slut at school”. He also wrote to a 14-year-old girl that he “will continue until her whole life and future is screwed up”.

In some cases, he actually forwarded nude images to friends of his victims. Those photos were then circulated in the schools of the victims. “That is socially deadly. Some girls have mentally fallen into the abyss,” said the judge. A total of 21 girls have reported Van der V., but according to him, there are more victims.



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