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Man in Chonburi shot after summons to stop at roadblock


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Man in Chonburi shot after summons to stop at roadblock

Yesterday a 32-year-old man was seriously injured at a traffic control after driving the car into several police cars, the man suddenly opened fire and the police fired back.

Anuphap Maksap aka ‘Namlai’ was sent to a local hospital under police escort. The police said they had received a tip about someone carrying drugs.

40-year-old Wanchalerm Boontam, who was driving the car, claims that Namlai called him to take the car for a ride, but when they drove to a police checkpoint, Khun Namali suddenly pointed a gun at him and demanded that he continue. drive and then ran into some police cars in a panic.

Khun Namlai jumped out of the car and started shooting at the police. During the shootout, he was hit in the ribs and rushed to a local hospital. A doctor at the hospital later reported to the police that 30 methamphetamine pills and a small amount of crystal methamphetamine had been found in Namlai’s pants.

Chonburi Police Commissioner Colonel Nitat Weanpradap told reporters that police set up a roadblock after receiving a tip that someone in the area was carrying drugs.

“The police ordered the suspect’s car to stop, but they refused and the above happened.

Khun Wanchalerm was arrested and Khun Namlai is facing multiple criminal charges, including attempted murder of a police officer.

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