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man collapses in soi Khao Noi


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A man collapsed in front of the Welcome Inn on soi Khao Noi this afternoon.

The man who has not yet been named was thought to of been homeless.

One eye witness told us that “the man just collapsed, started having convulsions and was Foaming at the mouth”.

The helpful staff at the Welcome Inn had called for an ambulance and helped to put the guy in recovery position.

The eye witness had said that,” At first the man was on his back and he pretty much swallowed his tongue. After the owner of the Inn had called the authorities, a rescue vehicle showed up 10 minutes later, but unfortunately they could not help, so the collapsed man had to wait a further 10 – 12 minutes before a ambulance showed up”.

More on this story is not known at this point, but we will try get some further updates

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