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Man grows his hair for over 2 years to make a wig for his mother


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A man grew his hair for more than two years so that he could make a wig for his mother. The woman lost her hair after she had to deal with a brain tumor several times.

The woman, named Melanie Shaha, discovered her first brain tumor in 2003. After going to the hospital with a headache, doctors found a brain tumor the size of a plum.

Melanie is from Arizona and is the mother of six children. She told TODAY that she was successfully treated for her first tumor. “I had surgery and the tumor was successfully removed. The result was really great.” However, another brain tumor was diagnosed five years later, which led to a second operation. She thought she was rid of it then, but in 2017 it came back for the third time.

The doctors told Melanie at her third tumor that she needed radiation. “I asked my doctor, ‘Will I lose my hair?’ but they told me it wouldn’t ,” Melanie said. “Three months later I had more and more bald spots and started losing more and more hair. I was really surprised.”

It was a difficult period for the positive mother. “If you don’t have hair, well-meaning people can say things to you that break your heart. I don’t mind being sick, but I do mind looking sick. I’ve often thought, I’d rather be here That’s why I often stayed at home so I wouldn’t be noticed.”

Melanie’s son Matt recalls a conversation over lunch with his mother in 2018. “Why don’t I grow my hair and make you a wig?” he said to her. “I love your hair” , his mother responded, to which Matt said in a playful way: “Soon to be found on a head near you!”

Matt decided not much later to match his words. After more than two years, in the spring of 2021, he had enough hair to make a thirty-centimeter wig. “We were super excited and when they started cutting his hair, we started cheering,” Melanie said of the moment the wig was made.

Melanie is extremely grateful to her son for the gift. “The color is spectacular and we had the wig cut and styled by a good hairdresser. Matt said it looks great on me. It’s a wonderful gift.”

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