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Man injured after falling from factory roof in Pattaya


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Man injured after falling from factory roof in Pattaya

A worker fell from the roof of a factory under construction in Pattaya during the night from Thursday to Friday, sustaining several injuries.

Emergency services were informed of the incident, which occurred at a construction site in Soi Khao Maikaew.

The emergency services arrived with a local reporter on the spot and found the injured man, 31-year-old Taweesak Raweaekchom, screaming in pain on the ground. The man suffered several back and neck injuries and was rushed to a local hospital for urgent medical attention.

Taweesak’s friends and colleagues, who watched nervously at the construction site, media that they had finished work for the day and were on their way home when Taweesak stated that he had forgotten something important at work and had to pick it up.

Taweesak went up to the roof of the construction site to search for his tools and accidentally fell an estimated five meters down. His colleagues called for emergency help after the accident, believed to have been caused by Taweesak losing his balance on metal beams.

Mr Taweesak is currently in a hospital in serious but stable condition.

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