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Man paralyzed after being tasered by police receives $100 million


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Man paralyzed after being tasered by police receives $100 million

A 65-year-old man who became paralyzed in 2018 after being tasered by police has been awarded $100 million by a federal jury in Atlanta. That reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Jerry Blasingame, 65, was stopped by police in Atlanta four years ago. When he tried to run away, he was tasered by a police officer, Jon Grubbs. The man immediately fell and hit his head hard against the ground. He sustained a cervical vertebra fracture. Bodycam footage shows Blasingame lying unconscious on the floor. After he awoke, he found himself completely paralyzed.

Last Friday, the jury ruled that the Atlanta City Council and the police have violated Blasingame’s civil rights. As a result, the city has to pay him $100 million. “The footage clearly shows the jury that Mr. Blasingame had committed no serious crime before being tasered. Agent Grubbs had no regard for his safety and the circumstances were not serious enough to use so much force,” the judge said.

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