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Man walks on the street in Thailand and suddenly falls into a deep street well – Video


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64-year-old Piya Intanil was walking with his son to the market when he accidentally stepped on a rusted pit grate on June 23 that collapsed from its weight in Chachoengsao province.

An employee of a nearby store picked up a chair that he put at the bottom of the hole so the old man could stand on it and climb up.

Piya’s son Apichail, 37, and four concerned onlookers pulled the retiree further up before he was taken to hospital to have his wounds treated.

Apichai said afterwards: ‘We were just walking outside our office when the incident happened. My father has a music school nearby.

“The water in the drain was dark and smelly. My father had a cut on his leg from the sharp edges of the broken rusted-through grille, but he’s fine now.’

The local police investigated and suggested officials have the manhole cover repaired to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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