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Man who committed terror attack in US supermarket had racist motive


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Eighteen-year-old Payton Gendron shot and killed ten Americans in a supermarket in the American city of Buffalo on Saturday. He has posted a racist manifesto online before the attack. He broadcast images of the shooting live on Twitch via a camera on his helmet.

A police source tells The New York Times that Gendron has put a racist manifesto online detailing the planning for the act of terror. In it he also told about his motives: the eighteen-year-old, white supremacist wanted to shoot as many black people as possible.

The attacker drove to a supermarket hours away in a neighborhood where predominantly black Americans live. Eleven of the thirteen victims are black, according to a local police chief. The FBI is treating the attack as a hate crime and as “racially motivated violent extremism.”

After Gendron – who was wearing army clothes, a bulletproof vest and a black helmet – had several victims, he was boxed in by police officers. The terrorist aimed the firearm at himself, but the officers persuaded him to drop his firearm. He was brought before a judge on Saturday evening. He remains in prison and cannot be released on bail. Gendron is expected to appear in court again next week.

Mayor Byron Brown speaks of “the worst nightmare a community can face” . New York governor Kathy Hochul called the perpetrator a “white supremacist guilty of an act of terrorism”. She added: “This was a summary execution of people who were just running errands.”

“All I heard was shots. Shots and shots and shots,” a grocery store worker told The Buffalo News . The man hid with a few other people in a cold store. A local resident tells the newspaper that he saw a woman who walked into the supermarket was shot. “And then he shot another woman who was just loading her car. I bent down quickly because I didn’t know if he was going to shoot me too.”

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