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Man who won 10 million in lottery sentenced to life in prison


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Man who won 10 million in lottery sentenced to life in prison

Michael Todd Hill tried his luck in 2017 and won $10 million in a lottery. The 54-year-old American can probably confirm that money does not buy happiness, because last Friday he was sentenced to life in prison for murder.

According to WECT-TV, Hill bought the winning scratch card almost five years ago, with which he could add about 9.3 million euros to his wealth. However, the American was not able to enjoy his money for long and was sentenced last Friday to life in prison with no chance of parole for the suspected murder of his girlfriend in 2020.

His girlfriend, Keonna Graham, was reported missing on July 20, 2020. Not much later, the 23-year-old was found lifeless in a hotel with a gunshot wound to the back of her head. Surveillance footage from the hotel showed that Hill had been the only one in the hotel room with her. The prosecutor of the US state of North Carolina presented this as important evidence.

Hill later confessed to shooting his girlfriend. He stated that he became angry because she had exchanged messages with other men.

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