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Market food vendor wins 30 Million THB


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Market food vendor wins 30 Million THB

A couple had just become the latest millionaire in the Takhli District, Nakhon Sawan Province. They won 5 tickets of the highest grand prize in the Thai lottery. News spread quickly across the district and locals went to congratulate the new millionaires at their shop in the Duang Nimit Market.


Taweechok and Prajim are the owners of Siripon food that sells daily food at the local market. They are seen holding the photocopy of all the winning tickets printed on an A4 paper. All the tickets have the number 174055 THB, the winning number of the grand prize in the Thai Lottery Ticket 16 June 2019.

Market food vendor wins 30 Million THB

The couple was very smart, when they heard the winning number coming out from the tiny radio inside their food stall, they remained calm and decided to go file a report on their win at the Takhli Police Station right away as proof. Lately, as a result from a case debating over who the true owner of a set of winning lottery tickets is, citizens realize the importance of filing a report with the police in protection of lottery theft cases and other incidents.


Taweechok and Prajim reported that they always buy lottery tickets. Normally they try to search for tickets with the numbers found on their car license plate number. They purchase the tickets for fun and hope to win the three digit or two digit prizes. It is like a dream to be the winner of 5 tickets with the grand prize number.


Together they have 3 children, 2 are twins female and male, and a boy. All of the children are now adults with their own families. Their life has not been easy and they have been living with debt every day. They are both very old, but they don’t have anything that is truly theirs. They have been renting the house that they are currently living in for over 30 years.


Taweechok and Prajim will use the money to buy a house as a prize for their hard work together throughout the years. They are extremely happy that finally, something will be under their name. They will also pay off all of their debt so that their family can finally live in peace without worrying about payments every day.

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