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Miguel is hung from hooks in the back during an exclusive listening session


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The 37-year-old R&B singer Miguel managed to shock many people last night. During his exclusive listening session in the Sony Pictures Studio of his new album Viscera, the artist was hoisted into the air on hooks in his back. Fans are amazed by the images, but not in a positive way. “This is demonic…” is one of the many comments on Instagram.

The show at the Sony Pictures Studio was held in celebration of Miguel’s upcoming new album, Viscera. It is the singer’s first studio album in six years. According to the Los Angeles Times, he wrote the album while going through a difficult divorce with Nazanin Mandi. This would have given the numbers a deeper charge. “His new music taps into the lesser-known, darker sides of R&B and a particular sub-genre that hasn’t always gotten the attention it deserves.”

In the run-up to the exclusive listening session, it was already announced that Miguel would do more than show his new music. To emphasize the dark side of his album, a “boundary-pushing performance” was also planned. He promised in advance an evening full of art, innovation and a look behind the scenes in his creative process.

That dark side indeed came to the fore in both the listening session of the album and the performance. A man in a clinical white suit came on stage during the performance of one of the previously unheard songs. He pierced two hooks deep into Miguel’s back and suspended him above the audience with ropes. Miguel continued to sing as he dangled above the stage.

The reactions under a post from Spiritual World, which shows a video of the scene, could be more positive. Many people are shocked by the sight of Miguel with hooks in his back. “I feel like he didn’t ask for this himself. This is demonic…” one user wrote. Someone else says: “The longer an artist is in the industry, the weirder they start acting…”. Another fan responds, “he doesn’t have a single song he should be doing this for.”



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