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Millions of bugs take over villagers home in Ratchaburi


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The residents of a home in Ratchaburi Province had to escape after millions of bugs took over their home. The bugs normally come during May of every year, but this year there were so many the house was just not safe to sleep in anymore. The residents ask for help from the government as they cannot go anywhere near their home without being covered by the bugs.

Suchin Jakpetch, the Deputy Chief Executive of the SAO went to visit Ned Sakorn’s home located in Paktoh District. Ned 44 years old the owner of the house reported to the local government in the area about the escape from her own home caused by the bugs. Ned has moved her clothes, furniture, and other personal belongings to the front of her house where she is temporarily staying.

The bugs come in Swarms and enter the home through the windows and the cracks. Ned stated that the bugs look like small black beetles, they are smelly and will burn your skin leaving behind small red circles on your skin if you accidentally touch them.


The residents cannot sleep in their home in fear of the bugs crawling into their ears. There is nowhere to hide, there are so many bugs that they cover the furniture, the floor, and even the roof. It’s painful to walk on the bugs and it also leaves red marks on your foot. Ned tried using bug spray to kill the bugs on the floors, but there is so many they just keep coming back.

Ned further stated that the bugs normally come to stay in her home for a couple of days and then they will go away. This time, the bugs came on Visakha Puja Day, the bugs are called “Tile bugs” in Thai. The swarms of bugs landed on her roof and it sounded like if there was heavy rain. At first, Ned tried to kill the bugs and swept them into a bag, after 3 large garbage bags more just kept coming.


The bugs have been coming to Ned’s home for over 20 years, but this year 2019 there are more bugs than usual. Ned’s son had a bug stuck in his ear last year, sleeping inside their own home is impossible. Ned asks for help from the local government, normally they come to spray bug spray every year for her, but this year the bugs just keep coming back.



Ned wants to know where the bugs are coming from as other homes in the area don’t have the same problem. She wishes that her family can finally sleep peacefully when May arrives next year.

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