M&M’s says goodbye to ‘Red & Yellow’ in TV commercials after controversy in US

M&M’s says goodbye to ‘Red & Yellow’ in TV commercials after controversy in US

Unfortunately, you will no longer see the ‘living’ red and yellow M&Ms in advertisements for the candy brand. The company says goodbye to the characters after a fuss has arisen in the United States about the most recent commercials with the two.

The American right, in particular, had something to complain about the commercials. ‘Red & Yellow’ are sometimes accompanied by other colored M&M’s. In one of the most recent commercials, the green female M&M was seen wearing sneakers instead of the pumps she’s been wearing in previous commercials. According to Fox News, the green M&M wearing sneakers would be an attack on classic gender roles. The news channel also calls the candy brand ‘woke’.

In response to all the commotion, M&M’s has decided to ban Red & Yellow indefinitely. “We didn’t expect to break the internet,” the company said. “But we understand now: even a candy’s shoes can be polarizing. That’s the last thing we wanted as we focus on bringing people together.”

Instead of Red & Yellow, fans get a new representative of the wildly popular candy brand. The company will now only do commercials with comedian Maya Rudolph. The new head of M&M’s fun department must ensure that everyone feels represented in the brand’s new commercials.

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