Mona Lisa attacked with cake by man dressed as an old woman

Leonardo Da Vinci’s world-famous painting Mona Lisa was attacked yesterday. A visitor to the Louvre in Paris, dressed as an old woman in a wheelchair, pelted the artwork with cake. However, it was unharmed through the protective glass display case.

The disguised man would have tried to break the display case, but was unsuccessful. Then he threw cake at the painting and spread the whipped cream over the glass. Just before he was picked up by the museum guards, he threw some more roses around.

While the pie thrower was being taken away, he is said to have shouted something about protecting the earth. It is not clear what his aim was and why he wanted to attack the painting.

The Mona Lisa has been attacked many times before. In 2009, someone threw a cup of tea at the work of art, causing the display case to break. In 1974 someone daubed it with red spray paint. Fortunately, none of that caused any damage, but in 1956 it did. Then the Mona Lisa got acid and later rock.

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