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More than 20 foreign and Thai victims are closely following fraud case against bank employees in Pattaya


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Yesterday morning, more than 20 foreign and Thai victims gathered at the Pattaya Police Station to closely monitor the fraud case of an assistant manager of a bank branch in Pattaya. All in attendance had lost significant amounts of money as a result of alleged fraud and scams.

Multiple expatriate expatriates and their supporters filed a complaint with the Pattaya Police Department in February of this year, accusing an assistant manager of a bank branch in Pattaya of causing a significant financial loss through alleged fraud and deception.

The head office of this bank branch where the assistant manager worked also filed charges with the Pattaya Police, after which the assistant manager of the bank branch was jailed in February this year for allegedly destroying important bank documents.

Yesterday (December 9), more than 20 foreign and Thai victims met with their lawyers with the new Pattaya chief of police, Colonel Khunlachart Kunlachai.

A lawyer for the victims, who was introduced to the press as Tom, told the press: “We have been working on this case for almost a year and trying to find a financial solution for the victims of this crime. We have repeatedly tried to contact the bank but have so far not received any updates or firm commitments from their headquarters”

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