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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Mother and son escape death after their car crashes into a 3-meter-deep hole dug for underground cables


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A 70-year-old Thai motorist and her 25-year-old son survived a perilous accident with minor injuries after their car suddenly crashed into a hole this week built for installing underground cables in Bangkok’s Thonburi district.

Talad Plu Police Department arrived on the scene with volunteer rescue personnel after being warned of the accident at Ratchada-Thaphra Road Soi 17 in the Talad Plu sub-district of Thonburi district.

A white passenger car had dived into a 3-meter hole created by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) to move hanging power cables underground. The rescue volunteers then managed to safely rescue the mother, Khun Khemakorn Kongthanon, and her son Warat Kongthanon from the car. Both were assisted with first aid after minor injuries.

According to Khun Khemakorn’s statement to police, she was driving home along Ratchada-Tha Phra Road and saw no construction signs or lights to indicate construction work was underway until her car suddenly crashed into the hole.

A crane was brought on-site to get the car out of the hole. Meanwhile, officials have contacted the company responsible for construction to discuss compensation for the victims.

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