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Mother in Saraburi accused of “pimping” her 9-year-old daughter


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The mother, who admitted to drugging her nine-year-old daughter and selling a video of the sexual act, was arrested at her home in Saraburi, according to police from the Anti-Human Trafficking Department, the ATPD.

The ATPD and local police had raided the house in Don Phut district, where they arrested Chantra (the last name not given).

Police received a tip that the woman took her young daughter to have sex with a male paedophile in Nakhon Pathom in April last year. The woman filmed the act and sold the clip to the man, who was friends with her on Facebook.

Inspector Jirapob Phuridet of the Central Investigation Bureau said Chantra made her living as a prostitute. She had offered her daughter “Bee” (real name not given) to horny guys at least five times in Bangkok and Nakhon Pathom

Each time, Chantra was paid 100-200 baht for the video and 2,000-5,000 baht for her daughter’s sexual services.

Police Lieutenant General Jirapob said Chantra has hundreds of thousands of baht in her bank accounts, although she claims her family is poor. She was accused of selling sexual services. Police are looking for the men involved in the case.

Meanwhile, the Move Forward party has vowed to fire its Bangkok city councillor if an internal investigation confirms allegations that he assaulted three underage girls at a party meeting last July.

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