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Mother of 6-year-old boy who shot teacher in US charged


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The mother of the 6-year-old toddler who shot his teacher in January in the US state of Virginia is being prosecuted. The 25-year-old woman is charged with neglecting her son and recklessly leaving a loaded firearm with which she endangered his safety.


According to the woman’s family, the firearm was safely stored on a shelf in a closet that is more than six feet high. In addition, the weapon would have been under lock and key. Nevertheless, the boy managed to get hold of the gun and take it to school in his backpack. The mother of the toddler faces a maximum prison sentence of six years.


Abigail Zwerner, 25, was shot in the hand and chest in the middle of class at Richneck Elementary School on January 6. According to eyewitnesses, the shooting took place after “an altercation” between the 6-year-old shooter and his teacher. The boy used his mother’s firearm in the shooting. Last month, a prosecutor said he would not be prosecuted because there would be no legal basis for doing so.


Zwerner decided to sue the school board at Richneck Elementary School in late January . The board would have been pointed out several times that the boy was carrying a gun. The toddler’s firearm would have been seen before the shooting, but nothing was found during a search of his bag. Despite the warnings, the school board decided to wait and see the situation, as the school day was almost over. The teacher therefore sues the school board for negligence. Shortly afterwards, the principal of the primary school was fired.

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