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Mukdahan Court issues arrest warrant for Nong Chompoo’s uncle for involvement in niece’s death


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The Mukdahan Provincial Court yesterday issued a warrant for the arrest of Chaipol Wipa, the uncle of 3-year-old Nong Chompoo, for involvement in her death.

The toddler went missing from her home in a village near Phu Phao Yon on May 10 last year, her naked body was found May 14 in a forest about 2 kilometres away.

Just a month after the incident, Chaipol “Uncle Pol” Wipa, a prime suspect in the gruesome murder case, quickly rose to prominence after a news agency portrayed the toddler’s uncle as a misunderstood, innocent man. Not only did he get support from people across the country, but he was also offered job opportunities from the entertainment industry.

The arrest warrant listed three charges against Chaipol: depriving a minor of custody of her parents, leaving behind a child under the age of nine, resulting in her death, and altering the body or crime scene before an autopsy was completed. .

A news source reported that officers found three strands of hair at the scene. A DNA test confirmed that these locks belonged to Khun Chaipol.

The chief of police of the national police, General Suwat Chaengyodsuk, was supposed to hold a press conference about the incident this afternoon, of course, you will come back to this later.

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