Naked and scared – air conditioning explosion in Pattaya

Victims in Pattaya had to come down from the balcony completely naked because of a fire caused by an air conditioner explosion

Four fire trucks raced through the narrow streets of Wat Chai Mongkol Market in South Pattaya on June 2 after receiving a report that a fire was raging in a room on the fourth floor of a 5-story building and that two people were trapped inside.

Firefighters arriving on the scene saw a man and woman unsure of how to hold on to the ledge of the balcony, trying to make their way down to the third floor to escape the flames and certain death. People on the ground exhaled a sigh of relief when the couple finally made it safely down to the floor below. Observers noticed that they were not wearing any clothes, but that did not embarrass the firefighters as they fought for their lives.

Firefighters got into the room and extinguished the fire in 20 minutes, meanwhile rescuing the couple by helping them down to the ground. Unfortunately, all of the furniture and all of the occupants’ belongings were destroyed by the fire.

Nilawan Thongsri, 21, who was rescued, told police she was living with her boyfriend in this rented room. At the time of the incident, they were both sleeping in a bed with the air conditioner on. “All of a sudden we heard a loud explosion and saw smoke and fire billowing out of the air conditioner. We desperately tried to put out the fire, but we couldn’t,” the girl said.

The couple ran out onto the balcony at the front of the building and screamed for help. Seeing that no one could help them, they decided to climb down the front of the building to the floor below. During all the commotion, the panicked couple failed to notice that they were completely naked. But this did not embarrass them in the slightest, as they had to get out to save their lives.

Upon questioning, the owner of the building told police that the bottom floor of her store was rented out as a noodle shop, and that 10 rooms were rented out from the second to the fifth floors. The room that burned down was the only room rented in the entire building.

Rescuers from the Sawangboribun Thammasathan Foundation of Pattaya treated the victims for carbon dioxide poisoning and transported them to Pattaya City Hospital for further treatment. The Pattaya Police Forensic Unit is investigating the cause of the fire.

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