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Netflix will make password sharing more difficult from March


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Netflix will make password sharing more difficult from March

Netflix will make it more difficult for users to share their passwords with others from March. Users who share their password with people outside their household will then have to pay extra.


The new measure is reflected in the quarterly figures of the streaming platform. In addition to the report of 2 percent extra revenue and a new CEO, it can also be read that Netflix will tackle password sharing from the first quarter of 2023.


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With the new measure, Netflix wants to curb massive account sharing. The extra surcharge has already been tested in five South American countries with an extra surcharge of 3 euros.


Netflix may “catch” users sharing accounts by requiring users to designate one location as their home address. When the streaming service is used outside that location, an additional 3 euros will be charged to the account holder. In the case of a short holiday, the user can use unlimited Netflix for two weeks on devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. After those two weeks, you still have to pay a surcharge.

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