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Newly appointed city councilor in Pattaya brings up the non-existent public prostitution


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Councilor Boonanan Pattanasin, suggested that disorganized street daisies (I find the expression whores a bit rude) on Pattaya’s beach road in one particular area.

Now you may be wondering….but prostitution in Thailand is illegal isn’t it? but if you ask some senior Thai government officials, it certainly doesn’t exist in our lovely Pattaya. Despite everything, the aforementioned city councillor has now suggested that street daisies on Beach Road be “organized” in a closed-off zone.

Perhaps Boonanan Pattanasin, the president of the Pattaya Business & Tourism Association, can be forgiven for discussing such a taboo subject as the prostitution for which the town outside of Pattaya has long been famous/infamous. After all, he was appointed a new city councillor in Pattaya on Feb. 18.

Boonanan worries about Pattaya’s image for newly arriving tourists. He thinks Beach Road has been looking tacky from start to finish for years, with dozens of disorganized freelancers trying to hook a guy in all sorts of ways.

Perhaps he has the nerve to suggest that the prostitutes should be confined to their own zone, out of sight of those millions of families, children and loyal men who, according to tourist boards, will soon be coming to Pattaya.

Of course, establishing an area for prostitution, while recognizing the reality, would give a stamp of approval to illegal activity. Moreover, the Pattaya authorities would not be able to replenish their coffers by arresting, fining and releasing the streetwalkers every month.

The new Pattaya City Council chairman Sitiporn Kutnak was more interested in discussing other topics, such as traffic at Bali Hai pier and broken railings at Koh Larn’s public viewpoint.

Mayor Sonthaya Kunplome said that after all barriers were removed on Bali Hai, there are plans to put them back in place as tourism – and traffic – picks up again.

Parking on the pier access road will be banned and concrete barriers will be replaced to keep cars in their lane and park buses and minibuses in designated areas.

As for Koh Larn, Boonanan said it’s not good for business when railings break like matchsticks and tourists tumble two meters down and end up in hospital. He urged the city to inspect all tourist spots and make any repairs immediately.

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