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Opening the country is the only way to rescue Thai tourism


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Opening the country is the only way to rescue Thai tourism

The Minister of Digital Economy and Society on Thursday shielded his choice to stop admittance to Pornhub and other grown-up sites, saying sexual entertainment disregards kids’ and ladies’ rights.

Buddhipongse Punnakanta recognized that Monday’s transition to impede admittance to Pornhub and different destinations had set off an overflowing of public objections over government censorship.

“I believe that people who have children will understand the ministry’s move, because the site contains lots of inappropriate video clips,” he said, adding that the ministry did not intend to bully anyone.

He said sexual entertainment sites that offer admittance to clients of all ages must be shut, as they disregard the law, just as kids’ and ladies’ rights.

“Currently, ministry officials are dealing with hundreds of websites. If any violate the law, we will submit the evidence to court,” he said, confirming that the ministry is also dealing with gambling websites.

It was up to lawmakers to decide whether to review the law on users’ age, he added.

Pornhub had been available in Thailand for over 10 years before Monday.

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