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Pancake baker claims he was kidnapped and threatened by Nonthaburi police officer


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A pancake baker, actually a crepe seller from Myanmar, and his stepmother are seeking legal help after he claimed to have been kidnapped and threatened by a man he believes was a police officer from Nonthaburi, a province north of Bangkok.

The crepe seller, 32-year-old “Mack”, and his stepmother, identified as 50-year-old Jamlong, sought help from lawyer Khun “Pong”.

The mother Jamlong told that Mack was a child when she adopted him. She says he is a hard worker who always helps her. He works selling Japanese pancakes in a mobile sales stall. Reportedly, Mack had “problems” with the Myanmar mafia who allegedly protected against payment, it costs money but the situation was “tolerable”.

However, times changed as the pandemic hit and the situation for Mack became less tolerable, but not because of a mafia.

The mother and adoptive say their lives have changed dramatically since last Sunday after a man showed up and told Mack he was a police officer from the Bang Bua Thong Bureau. She did mention that the “police officer” arrived in a taxi.

Felt something was wrong, Jamlong ran outside, but her phone fell to the floor. Mack was pushed into the back of the taxi and taken from Rewadee Soi 7 to ‘an area’ behind Sanam Bin Nam in central Nonthaburi.

They claim that Mack’s life was seriously threatened there. He was also told that his stepmother could no longer help him. But after they checked his phone and saw that Mack’s paperwork was kosher, they let him go. But not before they gave him some “helpful” advice to see what lay ahead for them in the future.

Mack’s lawyer, Master Pong, says he will take up the alleged kidnapping/murder threat with the police.

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