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Pandemic turns Pattaya into a family resort: Meaning no more sex


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Pandemic turns Pattaya into a family resort: Meaning no more sex

The coronavirus pandemic has paved the way for officials and influential businessmen to seriously think about changing the city to attract couples with children to rest in Pattaya.

“Since most of Pattaya’s bars have been closed in the past ten months, now is the best time to change the image of the city by offering tourists more than go-go and beer bars or ladyboy shows,” said Pisut Sae-hu,  who is the President of the East Branch Thai Hotel Association.

For the past 50 years or so, Thai officials and business owners have pulled as much money out of Pattaya’s sex industry as they could, falsely claiming that Pattaya should be a family vacation destination.

Now that the stream of money from bars, brothels, and massage parlors has dried up, the measures to transform Pattaya have become more urgent.

This is evidenced by the renewal of the entrance lobby on the famous Walking Street and the opening of the night entertainment street for 24-hour traffic to attract more Thais to the restaurants and shops during the day.

Pisut had said that the hotel association is working with the Thailand Tourism Authority and local authorities to highlight that Pattaya has much more to offer than just nightlife.

Hotels are now creating packages that are focusing on morning and afternoon entertainment that is designed to appeal to couples with children, he said. This will allow you to get more income from one tourist.

The main focus of Pattaya’s promotion as a family vacation destination, will be to massively celebrate Songkran in April and fill the city’s hotel with “decent” tourists

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