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Pattaya cap September 1 reopening plan probably won’t happen


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Chiang Mai recently reported that due to the Covid19 situation and slow vaccination, it will postpone its planned reopening from September until October at the earliest, as have many tourist areas that have had plans to block international tourists. Welcome back has now been negated by the intensity of the pandemic in Thailand. The coastal city of Pattaya has also now acknowledged that their plan to reopen on September 1 is unlikely to take place.

According to the chairman of the Pattaya Business and Tourism Association, the coastal town is unlikely to be ready to welcome international travellers by September 1.

The local government had made every effort to launch the so-called Neo Pattaya program in August, or by early September at the latest, as the federal government had previously recommended.

But, like Chiang Mai, the reopening plan for Pattaya depended on at least 70% of people living in the province having to be fully vaccinated against Covid19 before the reopening date. Now with delays and bottlenecks in Thailand’s vaccine rollout, it would be impossible to meet that target in the coming week.

The chairman of the Pattaya Business and Tourism Association said new plans need to be made to reopen Pattaya, as well as go through the chain of command before it is approved. A new timeline would first be submitted to the PTBA, which would then forward it to both the TAT and to the administrative centre for Covid19 containment, the CCSA, for final approval.

Pattaya is horribly behind with its vaccinations, like most of Thailand, and has also seen an increase in Covid19 infections. Pattaya Mayor Sonthaya Khunploem reports that in the past 12 days they have stepped up their efforts to track down cases and tested 5,196 people, 192 of those tested were found to be infected with the Covid19 virus.

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