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Pattaya cracks down on ‘restaurants’ that sell alcohol


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Banglamung Ministry of Health health officials was particularly active in and around Pattaya last night, Feb. 21, 2022, enforcing Covid19 measures around the city.

They were specifically interested in ‘restaurants’, i.e. converted bars that sell alcohol, although technically still closed by law, they are allowed to be temporary restaurants with adapted Covid19 measures. As for restaurants, what officials are really looking for is an environment of bars, pubs in a so-called restaurant style.

The intended Covid19 measures the ministry was looking for, accompanied by Pattaya police, were temperature checks, wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, QR code check-ins and a Chonburi-specific rule, whereby ATK tests were performed on customers and employees. They also looked at temporary certificates and licenses that allow locations to be opened, such as Thai STOP Covid Plus 2.

The Bang Lamung District Secretary said the checks follow a request from the Interior Ministry to order every province in the country to increase Covid19 precautions as the number of cases surged across the country earlier this week. , also in Chonburi.

If precautions and Covid19 preventive measures are not followed, closures and mandates could take place, officials warned last night.

Banglamung’s secretary said the checks were mostly successful and were educational versus punitive, but he highlighted a few points that health officials felt needed to improve to keep the sites safely open.

The secretary stated that daily checks will continue throughout the city, with the main focus on ‘restaurants’.

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