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Pattaya mayor took to social media to say that people in Pattaya are suffering from hunger and that food donations are welcome


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The mayor of Pattaya spoke about the current emergency in the city after photos of hundreds of needy people waiting for food on Pattaya beach.

The mayor of Pattaya, Sonthaya Khunpluem, told local newspapers that the need is great in this coastal town. The photos of the needy people supported his argument.

However, many people responded with negative comments, claiming that the Pattaya Municipality is actually doing little to start the vaccinations, or is actually trying to reopen the businesses closed due to Covid19 restrictions, but that is not true!

“However, these photos show that many people have been affected by the Covid19 crisis in Pattaya, losing jobs and income as a result of measures that had to be taken to protect the health of the overall community as we try to cope with the Covid19 crisis. unload. If we look on the bright side, many people have also opened their hearts and wallets and are still giving food to the needy. They help each other and show a real sense of community to the needy in Pattaya,” the mayor noted.

“In the most recent viral photos, people donating food specifically contacted the council to see how they could help. The donors, who wished to remain anonymous, have already asked for permission.” The mayor explained.

“We still see kindness in this crisis where we can help other people. Both foreigners and Thais help the needy in Pattaya and we are all grateful for that. However, we still have to follow the social distancing rules in which police and law enforcement have assisted us during the recent donations, the mayor said.

The mayor noted that the city is doing everything it can to get more vaccines and improve the situation in Pattaya, which he says will allow businesses to reopen and welcome tourists, both foreign and domestic, in the coming months.

Many negative comments also claim that the Thai government only cares about Phuket and is letting Pattaya boil over in the throes of restrictions and closures. The mayor said this was not true and that Phuket’s testing program would pave the way for Pattaya to open its own program for foreign tourists in the near future.

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