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Pattaya “restaurant” guards allegedly attack Italian man and Thai woman in LK metro area


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Guards at a “restaurant” in Pattaya are said to have attacked an Italian man and a Thai woman yesterday morning (April 14). Waranya Sigari, 35, and Vincenzo Cammarata, 32, an Italian citizen, reported the attack to Pattaya Police immediately after the attack.

MrVincenzo told police he was sitting with his Italian and Thai friends in front of a closed “restaurant” in Soi LK Metro (near Soi Buakhao).

According to the victim, about five male guards suddenly attacked him, who was allegedly on a motorcycle. He sustained injuries to his mouth and head, with a serious injury to his lip.

Waranya, in turn, told police that she and her boyfriend had previously been to a “restaurant” (adapted nightclub) in the LK subway, but claimed to have had no arguments or problems with anyone inside.

She was on the back of Mr. Vincenzo’s motorcycle during the attack. The couple were chatting with friends from a nearby bar when they claimed a group of men had attacked them for no reason. The couple dropped their motorcycle and ran away on foot.

Last night, April 14, Pattaya Police Chief Kunlachart Kunlachai called on all people to come to the police station. Several people, including restaurant security, have reportedly admitted that they were the people on CCTV footage of the fighting.

However, the guards told Pattaya police that the incident happened after bars and nightclubs closed and had nothing to do with the company, as they were technically off-duty, but staff and customers were still in the area.

The guards apologize for the incident and have reportedly agreed to legal action. It is unclear whether the location where they work will take legal action and the guards stated that they were acting alone and not as employees.

Colonel Kunlachart said: This is a confusing incident and we have had several stories about who was responsible and what the fight was about. Not all involved foreigners are fully cooperating with their statements and there are several conflicting statements between some parties about the cause of the altercation.

However, all suspects of this incident will be charged with attempted bodily harm and assault. The police should be called immediately if there is a dispute between tourists or an escalation of a customer and security should never become physically involved with a tourist.”

Colonel Kunlachart has not released the names of the suspects or the location where the guards were working, citing an ongoing investigation.

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