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Pay traffic fines or your car will be banned!


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Owners will not be able to renew their vehicle registration licences from July 1 onwards, if they have any unpaid traffic tickets.

Starting from May 24, the Land Transport Department (LTD) and the Royal Thai Police will test their shared software program to see if it works well.

“We are introducing this measure to prevent motorists from ignoring tickets issued by traffic police,” LTD deputy director-general Chantira Parutpat said.

Statistics show that more than 5.4 million tickets have now been ignored. These tickets are issued to traffic-law offenders. So, if these offenders can just throw away the tickets, it is unlikely they will learn a lesson, Chantira said.

Chantira said police would conduct a series of campaigns next month about the serious consequences of ignoring tickets.

“People will be able to check if they have tickets pending by using an app provided by police,” she said.

She said motorists would have to have paid all fines if they want to renew their vehicle-registration licences, which are renewed every year.

“If they don’t pay fines, we won’t approve the renewal,” she said.

Police deputy spokesman Pol Colonel Krissana Pattanacharoen said police and the LTD had already linked their database for implementation of this measure.

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