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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Perpetrator of terrorist attack shot dead, Belgium – Sweden ceased operations and evacuated


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The international football match between Belgium and Sweden was stopped at halftime due to a terrorist act five kilometres away. Two Swedish fans were shot dead with an automatic weapon, after which the perpetrator allegedly shared a video message saying he was acting in the name of God. The police just confirmed that the perpetrator was shot by them.

The football match for European Championship qualifying was stopped when the players were informed about the attack. Both teams decided not to continue playing. “The Belgian and Swedish players wanted to end the match. We love football, but this is different. We want to show our respect for life; the safety of the spectators is the most important thing now. This is the best solution. The information provided what we have is that Swedish supporters were the target of the action,” explains the chairman of the Swedish Football Association.

Around 7:15 p.m., two fans wearing T-shirts of the Swedish national team were shot dead. In addition, there were injuries. The perpetrator shot around with an automatic weapon. A video is making the rounds on social media in which the suspected perpetrator says in Arabic that he avenges the deaths of Muslims and admits to having shot three Swedes. He also says he is a member of IS. According to the police, it concerns a man who is staying illegally in Brussels and has already been prosecuted for terrorism in his home country, Tunisia. It is said to be 45-year-old Abdelsalem L. from the Brussels district of Schaarbeek.

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