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Search continues for body of suicide pharmacy manager in Surat Thani


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Rescuers and officials were still searching the Tapi River in Surat Thani’s Mueang district on Monday for the body of a drug-store manager after she jumped off a bridge on Saturday evening.


Workers from the Kusol Sattha Surat Thani Foundation, officials from the province’s Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office and local fishermen continued to search for the body of Supaporn Sripool, 25, along the Tapi from Mueang district to the mouth of the river, which empties into the sea.

The young woman, the manager of a pharmacy in downtown Surat Thani, was seen by witnesses standing on Si Surat Bridge for about three hours before jumping into the bloated river below.

He therefore checked with the authorities and learned that she had jumped from the bridge.

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