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Piranha trader arrested in Bangkok


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Bangkok police arrested a man for illegally breeding piranhas and selling predatory carnivorous fish online

During a police raid in Bangkok, a 21-year-old young man identified as Apisit was arrested. Officers from the Natural Resources and Environmental Crime Unit, along with officials from the Fisheries Department, conducted a court-ordered search of Apisit’s home in Bangkok’s Sai Mai district, the Bangkok Post reported.

According to officials, the young man was breeding piranhas in his home and selling predatory fish online. At the time of his arrest, six piranhas were found in his apartment. During interrogation, Apisit allegedly admitted that he bought the fish on Facebook and began raising them in his home to sell online.

The young man was charged with illegal possession of piranha that could cause physical harm to humans or marine life, in violation of Sections 64 and 65 of the 2015 Thai Fisheries Act.

Piranhas are freshwater carnivorous predators that are dangerous to animals and humans. For humans, they are dangerous due to their size and jaw structure. They can attack humans and start tearing off pieces of their bodies and limbs with their sharp teeth, said Colonel Visit Plopmuang, commander of the Natural Resources Crimes Unit.

If piranhas are allowed into natural waterways, they would be very dangerous to local fish and could cause significant environmental damage. In 2016, Thailand’s cabinet approved a proposed regulation by the Ministry of Agriculture that banned the possession and breeding of piranha fish, their eggs and juveniles.

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