Prisons in Thailand banned visits from relatives

Prison visits by relatives of prisoners in Thailand were banned after the discovery of a new hotbed of Covid-19 infections.

The ban on visits by relatives to prisons in Thailand came into effect on 5th April and will last for a month until May 5th.

The restraint order came after 112 inmates and prison guards in Narathiwat Province were infected with the coronavirus. Corrections department General director Aryut Sintoppan had stated.

Despite the monthly ban on visits, relatives cab still communicate with inmates through the LINE app, buy goods, and deposit money into their bank accounts.

During this period, prisoners will not be taken outside the prison to work, will not be transferred from one prison to another, and outsiders will not be allowed into the prison.

New prisoners will be quarantined for 14-21 days. In hospitals contracted with the Department of Corrections, staff will check new inmates for Covid-19 at least twice before they leave quarantine.

Regarding Narathiwat Prison, Aryut said he issued an order prohibiting outsiders from entering and insiders leaving the prison. Those in close contact with high-risk individuals have been quarantined.

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