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Prostitution in the coastal city of Pattaya continues despite Covid19 restrictions


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Siam Chon News reporters visited Pattaya after an investigation into complaints that prostitution was widespread in an area despite the restrictions of Covid-19.

They went to an area behind a gas station in Moo 5 in Bang Lamung that is known for prostitution in karaoke bars, one of which was closed in the past but then immediately reopened.

Plus point was that no alcohol was served, but sex was freely available (maybe a +.) But many did not wear face masks.

On either side of the street in front of ten closed lounges, groups of women in skimpy clothes (read nothing), a total of more than 50 ladies.

In a somewhat blurry video (can be viewed on Olleke Bolleke’s Facebook page in Thailand) the reporter said that he was visiting female beauty and asked about the rates.

He was told it would cost 1,200 Baht for a “short time” on site and 1,350 Baht off site in a better room.

All night on the mattress would cost him between 3,500 and 4,000 baht.

The media reports on Facebook that all this is very worrying about the possible spread of Covid-19.

Interestingly, there was no shortage of customers, a steady stream of cars and motorcycles toured the site, some of which stopped to make a deal.

Siam Chon News editors footed it that it was a blatant disregard for the rules in Pattaya.

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