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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Psychiatrist offers tips for keeping one’s cool during sweltering heat


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With the mercury soaring across the country, people are prone to getting irritable and angry more readily than usual.

A senior psychiatrist has, therefore, offered tips for keeping a lid on things and preventing any outburst of anger.

“It is easier for people to get stressed out and furious in sweltering heat, particularly in situations when they feel they are abused or taken advantage of,” Dr Kitkavee Pono, director of the Nakhon Ratchasima psychiatric hospital, said on Monday.

He said that if anger got out of control, several problems could well arise and aggravate the situation.

From the medical point of view, for example, people with hypertension face a higher risk of stroke when becoming angry.

People should learn to control their emotions and manage their anger, Kitkavee said, offering a number of easy tips to follow.

Firstly, they should ask themselves what they are angry about and whether those issues are really important to their lives.

Also, they should think about the consequences of their reactions.

Moreover, they should reflect as to whether they had ever done the same thing as those who were making them angry, and try to be more understanding.

“When you complete this process, you will forgive and move on,” the psychiatrist said.

He said other tips for coping both physically and psychologically in the sweltering heat included drinking 2.5 litres of water each day, and avoiding alcohol, sweetened and caffeinated drinks.

“Follow these tips and you will feel more relaxed,” Kitkavee added.

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