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Putin justifies war in Ukraine: ‘A clash was inevitable’


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Putin justifies war in Ukraine: ‘A clash was inevitable’

Russian President Putin lashed out at NATO during a Victory Day speech. According to him, the alliance has united around Russia and NATO did not want to conclude an agreement to ensure the security of the Eastern European country.

Putin justifies Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and accuses the West of supporting a neo-Nazi regime. To prevent the spread of neo-Nazis, he was forced to invade Ukraine. “NATO did not want to hear us. They had other plans and we see that now. They have clearly allied with the countries around us and that poses a threat to our country. There was a clash with neo-Nazis and it was inevitable,” he said. Putin. He also says that it was “the only right decision” to keep neo-Nazis at bay.

Putin also addressed the soldiers currently fighting in Ukraine. “To today’s heroes I say: you fight for the fatherland so as not to forget the lessons of the Second World War.” According to the Russian president, the soldiers are fighting for what their ancestors fought for. He also indicated that families of killed and wounded soldiers can count on government support.

On Victory Day, Russia annually celebrates the victory over Nazi Germany. Military parades take place in various cities in the country and the victims of the war are commemorated. The largest military parade is usually held on the Red Square in Moscow. There the Russian army shows its best vehicles and equipment and thousands of troops march past.

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