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Python bites man’s penis in Bangkok


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Python bites man’s penis in Bangkok. This is the terrifying moment a 10ft long python was caught hiding in the toilet – after biting a man’s penis.

Terdsak Kaewpangpan, 45, went to the bathroom at his office in Bangkok, Thailand.

But while he was sitting on the seat, the hungry python slithered up through the u-bend and plunged its fangs into Terdsak’s manhood.

He howled in pain as colleagues rushed into the toilet to find him wrestling with the blood-thirsty serpent.

Clamped its mouth around his penis

He ripped off the snake – which had clamped its mouth around its penis – and dashed outside into a car with blood pouring from his groin.

The snake retreated back into the toilet bowl. Terdsak received 15 stitches in the tip of his penis.

Meanwhile rescuers arrived to grapple with the python, which had been living in the pipe work for a several works.

‘Then I felt a bite in my penis. I immediately knew it was a snake. I stood up and grabbed the python’s head then pulled it off me. There was blood everywhere.

‘I should have been more careful. I saw a snake in another toilet in the house two months ago so I was using this one instead.


Terdsak said that staff at the production company had seen the snake in the toilet two months ago – and had even joked about it biting one of them. They tried to catch it, but after it escaped they simply stopped using the bathroom where it had been seen.

Workers used the bathroom they felt was safe. However, they are both connected with the same plumbing.

Terdsak added: ‘There are two bathrooms in the building and the snake had been seen before in one of the bathrooms.

‘We stopped using that toilet and thought it would be OK. This was a mistake as I didn’t realise they were connected.’

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