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Rapper Blueface arrested for attempted murder


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Rapper Blueface was arrested in Las Vegas on Tuesday for attempted murder. According to eyewitnesses, he was sitting on a bench with his girlfriend Chrisean Rock when he was surprised by undercover agents. That reports TMZ.

Blueface was picked up just outside Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles restaurant. Video footage of the arrest shows the rapper being handcuffed by five men and pressed to the ground in front of his girlfriend. Eyewitnesses claim that between six and eight undercover officers were present at the time of the arrest. In addition, a number of undercovers would have been parked in inconspicuous cars in the parking lot of the restaurant.

Court documents owned by TMZ show that officers were executing an outstanding warrant for an alleged incident that allegedly took place on Oct. 8. In the case, Blueface is suspected of, among other things, attempted murder with a firearm. In addition, additional charges have been brought against the rapper, such as firing pistol shots at a house, building and vehicle.

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