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Refugees at the border between Morocco and Spain pushed back and killed


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A massacre took place last Friday near the border between Morocco and Spain, where refugees were pushed back and killed. At least 37 migrants are said to have died. At least 150 others were injured. The United Nations is calling for an independent investigation.

Thousands of asylum seekers tried to cross the Moroccan border into Melilla last Friday. According to World Socialist Web Site (WSWS), the refugees came from Chad, Niger and Sudan. The border guards cracked down on them, causing a bloodbath.

For example, migrants were killed by suffocation and crushing as a result of a stampede by Moroccan border guards. Refugees who climbed the border fences were also beaten down. The fences are between six and ten meters high. According to WSWS, police also beat migrants to death with stones and batons. Images surfaced on social media of refugees lying lifeless at the border fences.

Please note: these images can be experienced as shocking:

On Sunday evening, protests broke out across Spain against the actions of the border guards and the refugee policy of the Spanish and Moroccan authorities. In Barcelona, ​​​​Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao, Badajoz, Cáceres, Seville, Granada, Cádiz, Mataró and Zaragoza, the population made itself heard.

Protestants thus support the demand of various human rights organizations for an international and independent investigation into the serious events that have claimed the lives of at least 37 people.

The authorities’ crackdown on the migrants is not new. The situation around the border fences between Spain and Morocco has been controversial for some time. For years, fence climbers at the national borders around Melilla and Ceuta have been brutally stopped by border guards.

The border fences between Spain and Morocco have been continuously expanded and raised in recent years. According to RTL Nieuws, Morocco will receive millions of euros from Spain and Europe to prevent migrants from entering the EU by land or sea.

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