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Researchers show what people will look like in the year 3000


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Many people cannot imagine life without a phone or laptop. But perhaps a glimpse into the future can make humanity slow down a bit with the use of technological devices. Researchers have revealed terrifying designs of how the human body will develop if people continue to use smartphones, among other things, at the current pace.

Although the designs of the model named Mindy are more than a year old, they went viral on social media this week. The creature has a curved back, wide neck, clawing hands, and even a second pair of eyelids. According to Toll-Free Forwarding, the creators of the designs, that’s what humans will look like in the year 3000.

After extensive research, Toll-Free Forwarding expressed its concern about the excessive use of technological devices and wants to use the designs to show how technology affects our body. “We sought scientific research and expert advice on this topic before using a 3D designer to create a future creature whose body has changed physically as a result of consistent use of smartphones, laptops and other technology ,” the company said in a statement. a statement.

The company collaborated with Dr. Nikola Djordjevic of Med Alert Help. He confirmed that certain behaviors that people exhibit to control technological devices have a major impact on the physical growth of the body. “The way we hold our phones can create tension in certain contact points of our nerves, known as cubital tunnel syndrome. Our hands will become more and more claw-shaped after years of consistently holding our smartphones that way.”

According to Dr. Djordjevic, people will also get a “smartphone elbow” in the future. “If people continue to use their phones in their usual position for 800 years, the arm will increasingly grow to a 90-degree position.” Furthermore, the model shows that a combination of looking down on our smartphones and looking up at computer screens results in a curved posture of the back.

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