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Rihanna performs greatest hits with baby bump during smashing Super Bowl show


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Rihanna summed up her impressive music career in a smashing way during her appearance at the NFL Finals, aka the Super Bowl. From a great height she made her comeback in this way and she did it with a pregnant belly. The singer surprised her fans by announcing that she is expecting her second child.

Rihanna did not bring any guest artists on stage yesterday, but there was another ‘surprise act’. As soon as the singer appeared on stage, rumors of a possible pregnancy quickly spread among viewers, as she hinted at her belly several times during the performance. Later, the pregnancy was indeed confirmed to various American media. When the baby is expected is not yet known.

Although it is of course fantastic news, some fans had hoped for a different surprise. In the run-up to the halftime show, there were rumors about a possible new album and even a world tour. None of that appears to be the case now that another family expansion is planned.

Standing on a floating platform high in the sky, RiRi opened her show with Bitch, Better Have My Money and played all of her big hits. Dressed in a bright red outfit, she sang We Found Love, Rude Boy, Work, Wild Thoughts and Umbrella to end the show with Diamonds.

Drawing up this set list was still quite a puzzle, Rihanna said during a press conference prior to the show. “Some of the songs I originally wanted to do didn’t make it. After 39 different versions, I think we managed pretty well.”

Rihanna was supported during her performance by an army of white-clad dancers who made the show a spectacular whole. For this, the singer once again joined forces with the New Zealand choreographer Parris Goebel, who also provided her Fenty shows .

Besides Rihanna and her dancers, there was another person who gave a killer performance last night. Sign interpreter Justina Miles attracted attention with the enthusiastic way in which she interpreted RiRi’s hits. The interpreter has moves that Rihanna doesn’t have . “I don’t know who gave a better performance.”

The announced pregnancy is, of course, the most notable element of the halftime show, but there’s another moment that has stuck with fans. In the middle of her performance, Rihanna took a moment to touch up her makeup with one of her own Fenty Beauty products. “She doesn’t let the best advertising moment of the year pass by ,” Twitter said. “She is and will always be a businesswoman.”

RiRi also gives a nod to the reactions in the run-up to her Super Bowl performance. Since the singer hasn’t released new music for years, many people wondered what she was going to fill her show with. That resulted in memes of Rihanna on stage with her makeup products, since that was her main focus in the past period.

While Rihanna blew down one of the biggest stages in the world, her lover A$AP Rocky watched proudly from the sidelines. A sweet video is circulating on social media of how he is encouraging her as her biggest fan.

The couple welcomed their first child in May last year : a son whose name has not yet been announced. A second child will be added sometime this year.

You would almost forget, but an American Football final was also played in Arizona last night. It was won by the Kansas City Chiefs, who defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35. The team has thus secured their third Super Bowl title.

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