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Robber of an illegal casino in Bangkok fears for his life


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A Thai man who robbed an illegal fan-tan casino in the Din Daeng area on Wednesday night called a popular television program and asked the Justice Department for mercy because he now fears being killed, as reported by Thai Sanook News.

The robber, all known by his nickname “Mac Anusawaree”, had called Noom Kanchai, the host of the Hone-Krasae program, and told him that on the day of the robbery he had a problem with the casino security guard about his car key. which he had pledged there.

This key had been damaged before and was held together with a rubber band, he had told the guard several times that he was afraid it would break and asked to keep this key in a safe place.

This guard, however, always hung it around his waist. Just before the robbery, he told the guard that he would come to pay back and get his car key the next day and why he didn’t keep it in a safe place.

He told that the guard was jeering at him, so he tried to hit him, but the guard dodged and immediately called the other guards over.

This led him to pull out his BB gun and they all flinched, so he took the opportunity to grab 270,000 baht. Someone tried to attack him and he threatened that person with his BB pistol, which uses air pressure to fire small metal bullets (called BBs) and sounds like a real gun, and fled on his motorcycle without anyone following him.

Mac then confirmed that he did not know who owned this illegal casino, but had often gone there alone to gamble. That he called this program to ask for mercy from the Justice Department, while accepting that what he was doing was wrong, he was now afraid of being killed.

He added that this casino in Din Daeng, Pracha Songkroh Soi 8, had been in operation for two to three years. It was closed for a while but recently reopened.

Meanwhile, the National Police Chief Pol. Gene. Suwat Jangyodsuk has set up a committee to investigate the matter as he transfers five top police officers from Din Daeng Police Station to National Police Headquarters.

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