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Ronaldo shocks football world with interview: “I have no respect for Erik ten Hag”


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Cristiano Ronaldo has caused quite a stir in the football world. The Manchester United player has finished his supporting role at the club of coach Erik Ten Hag and has lashed out at the Dutch trainer in an exclusive interview with Piers Morgan of The Sun. It doesn’t stop there: the Portuguese footballer feels betrayed by the club and also lashes out at former coach Ralf Rangnick, former teammate Wayne Rooney and board members at Manchester United, whom he does not mention by name.

It has been known for some time that Ten Hag, who has been in charge of the Manchester United team since this season, and Ronaldo are not good friends. The 37-year-old attacker, who won the Ballon d’Or five times in his career, lacks appreciation from the Dutch trainer. “I don’t respect him because he doesn’t respect me either. If you don’t respect me, I’ll never respect you ,” Ronaldo says about Ten Hag.

Ronaldo spends a lot of time on the reserve bench for the first time in his successful career. The Portuguese attacker can hardly accept that. In his second stint at Manchester United, the player has regularly had issues with Ten Hag, who wants to bring back a disciplined attitude to the English team, where no great successes have been achieved for years.

In the interview, Ronaldo also tackles a number of United board members in addition to Ten Hag. “I feel betrayed not only by the coach, but also by two or three other people at the club. I think people should know the truth,” said Ronaldo, without disclosing the names of the individuals. “I have the feeling that they don’t want me at the club. I already had that feeling last year.”

According to Ronaldo, there has been no progress at Manchester United since he left the English club in 2013. He says he is willing to sacrifice himself to bring about change. “The club has not developed at all. Nothing has changed at all ,” he says about the facilities and the training complex. “As Picasso said, ‘Sometimes you have to destroy something to rebuild it.’ If that starts with my departure, that’s no problem for me.”

Ralf Rangnick, who was temporarily at the helm of Manchester United until May this year, also receives the full blow from Ronaldo. “He’s not even a coach. How can you become a Manchester United manager? I didn’t even know him ,” Ronaldo said of the German coach. Former teammate Wayne Rooney, who criticized the Portuguese a number of ago , is also getting hit. “It’s probably hard for him to accept that I’m still playing at the highest level. I’m not going to say I look better than him, although I do.”

Ronaldo was removed from the match selection by Ten Hag last month after he did not want to substitute in the game against Tottenham Hotspur. Ronaldo then went to the dressing room before the final whistle and left the stadium, without listening to the trainer. The attacker was also missing from United’s match selection in the last two games, although illness would be the cause, according to Ten Hag.

It was already clear to Ronaldo at the start of this season that his chance of playing time would be less. The former player of Real Madrid, among others, was emphatically associated with a departure, but ultimately decided to stay.

Ronaldo is currently preparing for his fifth World Cup. The interview with the Portuguese will be broadcast on TV in two parts next Wednesday and Thursday, while he has to survive the group stage in Qatar with his country against Ghana, Uruguay and South Korea.

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