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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Wearing of a mask is now only voluntary – Royal Gazzette


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This has just been published in the Royal Gazette and is now law straight away:

“The wearing of a mask is a voluntary practice from now onwards. The Ministry of Public Health only recommends that the general public wear a mask in a crowded or badly ventilated place or if they have symptoms.”

But please note, private property such as shops and also public transport, have the right to continue with mask mandates if they want. Government buildings will probably also continue for now. So, at the moment, you don’t have to wear a mask outdoors and it is only recommended for crowded places. But if a shop or the Skytrain says you must wear a mask to enter, then you have no choice.

Source: http://www.ratchakitcha.soc.go.th/…/E/146/T_0021.PDF

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