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Russian tourist fought back against bouncers in Pattaya


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A Russian tourist refused to pay for allegedly drunk alcoholic beverages in a go-go bar, resulting in an attack by “security guards” of the bar.

A Russian tourist was slightly injured during an unequal fight with the guards of a go-go bar, Pattaya police said. The “security guards” who retaliated after the unsuccessful attack demanded to pay an unreasonable bill for the allegedly drunk alcoholic beverages of a Russian.

The conflict occurred at 4:30 a.m. in front of a go-go bar on Pattaya’s famous tourist street, Walking Street, widely known as a concentration point for many adult entertainment venues.

Witnesses to the conflict reported to Pattaya Police a fight involving a foreigner outside a go-go bar on Walking Street. Officers arrived and found the battered man, who turned out to be 33-year-old Russian citizen Oleg Ovsyannikov. There were bruises and bruises on the man’s face.

Witnesses said the man allegedly drank alcoholic beverages in the bar and left without paying the bill. Two or three security guards went out after him.

Pattaya city officials escorted a Russian tourist to the police station, where the man filed a report against the guards of the go-go bar (photo: Chayot Pupattanapong)

There was a conflict between the men in the street as the Russian categorically refused to pay the bill. Then, in front of curious onlookers, the guards attacked the Russian man, after which they fled the scene.

Pattaya city officials escorted the Russian citizen to the police station, where the man filed a complaint against the so-called guards of the go-go bar, who cowardly fled after being rebuffed.

Pattaya police are checking CCTV footage to identify the attackers.



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