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Russian tourists lose money from hotel safe in Pattaya


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Almost identical cases of missing money stored in the safes of a hotel in Pattaya have happened to two Russian tourists

Pattaya police reported two Russian tourists who separately filed police reports claiming that their money stored in the safes of the hotel where they were staying had disappeared without a trace. Moreover, the statements refer to the same hotel in Pattaya.

The first Russian victim, Oleg Gipke, came to the Pattaya police station with a complaint at 10 p.m. on January 8. The man told police that he was staying at a hotel in Pattaya and had kept his $5,000 in a safe provided by the hotel.

Pattaya police are not releasing the name of the hotel pending further legal investigation.

The Russian said he noticed irregularities in the safe on Jan. 4, although he did not describe the nature of the irregularities. He then opened the safe, counted his money and discovered that about $1,000 was missing from the wad of money.

The man asked the hotel staff to check the CCTV footage but was refused, as the staff said that first you need to file a report to the police. As a result, Oleg Gipke filed a police report.

It remains unclear why there was a delay in the initial incident and the filing of a police report.

The second case, almost entirely similar to the first incident, occurred with Russian citizen Natalia Chernova. On January 8, the Russian woman also went to the Pattaya police station to report missing money, claiming that $4,000 worth of money had disappeared from her $16,000 wad.

The woman said she was staying at the same hotel as Oleg Gipke and kept her money in a safe. The two victims did not know each other, police noted.

Investigators are currently reviewing security footage at the hotel and questioning staff in search of new leads.

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