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Sex expert believes marriage is for IDIOTS: ‘It’s not natural to have sex with one person’


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 Sex expert believes: Nadia Bokody, who was married and divorced by the age of 30, claims educated adults who get hitched are “fools”.

The 34-year-old from Australia argued that monogamy is “not in our DNA”.

In fact, she citied a study which states more than a third of marriages are affected by infidelity.

She pointed out that one in five of us are cheating on our current partners right now.

Nadia Bokody

FAME: She hit headlines when she opened up about her previous obsession with sex

“Marriage is for idiots”

Nadia Bokody

In an article for She Said, she wrote: “Marriage is for idiots. It’s not natural to have sex with the same person over and over again.

“It’s not because we’re cold, unfeeling creatures incapable of love – conversely, human beings have the capacity to form incredibly meaningful, complex connections with one another – it’s simply that fidelity, at least not the kind that lasts decades, isn’t in our DNA.”

Nadia – who previously opened up about her sex obsession – said the institution of marriage doesn’t align with our modern values.

The sex expert told Daily Star Online: “I don’t think the institution of marriage will exist in another few decades’ time.

“We are already seeing huge cultural shifts toward non-conventional relationship models like polyamory and people willingly remaining single long-term. Marriage makes no sense in our modern society.”

“That’s not to say I don’t believe in love and monogamy – I really do, and am in a happy monogamous relationship at the moment – I just don’t see any possible sense or benefit to having another person ‘own’ you.

“Marriage is sexist and wildly outdated.”

When it comes to sex, she said people turning to “pills, creams, sex toys and genital pump gadgets” prove they need help to be turned on by their partners later in life.

Nadia also has a problem with the role that money plays in marriage.

She wrote on her website: “As long as you don’t mind putting your entire financial stability on the line for someone else, who statistically has a 33 per cent chance of screwing you over.

“Think of it this way: would you purchase a lotto ticket if there was nothing significant to be gained if you won, but if losing said lotto meant potentially forfeiting HALF your assets? No. And you’d likely view someone who did as a fool.”

Nadia Bokody

STRONG CLAIMS: She believes people shouldn’t sleep with just one person

Nadia argued that her views on marriage are simply “logic-driven”.

She reckons the idea of finding one person that she will spend the rest of her life with is a fantasy.

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